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Craft Metropolis review & win a crate of beer for a quid!

25 May, 2017 — by Matt Owen0

As regular readers may have guessed, Team Methods Unsound are quite fond of the odd Craft Beer-shaped tipple, so we’re always looking for new ways to get interesting new beverages out of their bottles and into our (and your) bellies. Enter Craft Metropolis.

craft metropolis box

There are a few companies delivering craft brews to your desk, door, lair or haunted tower these days, but almost all of them follow the ‘curation’ path. In other words, they choose your brews for you. That’s a bit elitist isn’t it? We like a surprise now and again, but reckon we’re savvy enough to decide exactly what we want to drink as well (this becomes more true as the night goes on. Around 3am we may well decide we want to drink window cleaner, as is our right).

Craft Metropolis bucks this trend by allowing you to pick your own beers, all sourced from the magnificent city of London (hence the name), which is bursting at the seams with quality brewers these days.

And what a selection! We were like Cockneys in Eel Liquor rummaging through the catalogue. Containing popular favourites like Beavertown and Five Points, and more obscure but no-less tasty entries from Mondo, Husk, Canopy Beer Co and tons more.

In the end we decided to mix it up a bit. The IPAs made a strong showing, but we also threw in a couple of coffee stouts, a lager or two, and let’s face it, anything called ‘Gorgon’s Alive!’ deserves a place in every fridge by default.

There’s too many to add tasting notes for everything (plus I’m saving a few for Saturday. It’s set to be a scorcher), but stand-outs so far include the aforementioned Gorgon, hailing from Clarkshaws in SW8, it’s a honeyed ale that manages to be carry off that creamy, buttery finish without being overly sweet, with a nice bitter twang to keep it from being too heavy. We were also impressed by the London Beer Factory’s ‘Beyond The Pale’. It’s American in style, but doesn’t carry the bloody ridiculous amount of hops prevalent in a lot of modern US brews. Instead you get plenty of fruit and a matching nose that means it’s an ideal refresher on a hot evening.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 19.06.11

If you DO like insane hoppiness though, go for the Brewheadz Fired Up Donkey Red IPA, which is as much a mouthful as it’s name. Packed to the brim with Cascade hops, it balances well with the rye for a delicious caramel flavour. Not one to drink a lot of, but worth savouring.

Normally you’d be coughing up £36 for a box of delicious beery goodness from Craft Metropolis, but seeing as we love you, we’ve managed to get you a sweet deal – grab a whole box of booze for just a £1. Yep, a quid (well, and an email address) for 12 amazing London beers, delivered right to you. And it doesn’t involve signing up for any weird subscriptions or anything either. Just chuck your name and email address in the box below, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning this awesome discount…

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Please note: obviously we were sent a box of beer by Craft Metropolis to try for this feature. Also read the following carefully:

Terms & Conditions
– No cash alternative is available
– The winner will be notified by email…
– … which means, obviously, that by submitting your email you agree to Craft Metropolis contacting you in the future
– Data will never be shared and, of course, never be sold
– Entrants must be over 18 and live in the UK
– Last date for entry is midnight 11th June. 

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