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28 spoiler free tips for Secret Cinema: Blade Runner – The Final Cut

6 February, 2018 — by Christopher Ratcliff0

Secret Cinema returns for another three-month long immersive film event that we’ll all complain about for being too expensive, but 30 minutes in we’ll be all like THIS IS THE REASON I WAS BORN, LET’S DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW.

And this time they’re bringing the poorly reviewed prequel to last year’s Blade Runner 2049 to a secret location in London, from 21 March 2018.

secret-cinema-blade-runner poster
“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. Hundreds of people lined up wearing one-size too large brown trenchcoats in an old retail park in [REDACTED]”
This spoiler-free guide will offer you some practical advice to help you make the most of your time there, and will be regularly updated with new information as it arrives.

As with previous Secret Cinema events, information is thin on the ground, especially so soon after the ticket announcement – for example, the ‘secret portal website’ isn’t available yet – so please note, the following tips are based on previous experience. We’ll update when we know more.

1) This is the second time that Secret Cinema has put on Blade Runner, the first time was back in 2010. There are a few grumpy comments on their Facebook page (SHOCK HORROR) saying, “pffft I paid £20 for this on the first round, why would I pay more than double for the same thing again.” These people clearly didn’t attend Empire Strikes Back in 2015 and seen how far Secret Cinema has come in terms of spectacle and nerd-joy.

2) Blade Runner runs from 21 March – 10 June, but if ticket sales are brisk enough, more dates *may* be added.

3) As of February 6, this is the ticket availability:

  • March – only 29th and 30th available
  • April – limited availability with VIP almost gone
  • May – Saturdays no longer available
  • June – Saturdays no longer available

4) Tickets cost £67.13 (inc booking fee) for the Orion (‘regular’ package) and £72.28 (inc booking fee) for Phoenix (advanced package). There’s also a ‘VIP Ticket’ called Black Galaxy available for £129.97,

5) All ticket packages are for 18+ only. Because boozin’.

6) The Orion and Phoenix tickets are largely the same, except with the more expensive Phoenix package you get access to extra secret areas and something called an ‘advanced online journey’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7) The Black Galaxy package gives you reserved seating, entry into exclusive VIP areas and meal and drinks vouchers.

8) According to Secret Cinema: “The three ticket types have different travel paths that do not always cross. If you travel in company, book the same ticket type to make the journey together.”

9) If you want a ticket for a sold-out day, just look on the Facebook page during the week before you want to go. There are plenty of people selling spares for face value.

10) After you’ve bought your ticket, you’ll receive a link from ‘The Utopia Group’ to the secret website a few weeks before your arrival. You’ll also receive a password. This is where you’ll find out the location of the event, your identity, your costume and what you’ll need to bring. We’ll update with a link when it’s live.

11) If you’re the ticket-buyer for a group, when you’re sent the registration link and password do remember to forward it to the rest of your group. All attendees must register in the digital portal in order to retrieve their character details.

12) If you haven’t received your email, rest assured Secret Cinema will contact you in good time.

13) Don’t panic if you can’t find the registration email. It may have dropped into your junk/promotions folder so have a check in there first. If you really can’t find the email then contact who will be able to advise.

14) You will be able to make your way to and from the location via public transport, which they’ve stated is in Zone 2 on the tube map.

15) Entry time for the event is between 6pm – 7:30pm

16) As ever, don’t be late. Latecomers will not be admitted. But don’t panic if you have an appointment time different from your friends. You’ll still be let in with them.

17) If you have specific access requirements email to let them know ahead of attendance. They can accommodate pregnant and lesser abled guests including wheelchair users. Also note that Blue Badge holders, Freedom Pass holders, and PIP/DLA recipients are entitled to a free carer ticket which can only be booked directly via email. Please note that complimentary carer tickets are available for Regular (Orion) and Advanced (Phoenix) tickets only – not the VIP package.

18) Do not bring any large valuables, laptops or jewellery.

19) If you haven’t printed off your ticket, they’ll still let you in with your pdf ticket on your phone.

20) You will have to place you mobile phone in a little zip-lock bag provided on entry. This is often the nicest thing about Secret Cinema: nobody Instagramming in the way of the action.

21) It is advised that you follow the dress code (when it’s finally revealed to guests) – more details to come.

22) All outfits can normally be bought from the official Secret Cinema online store – which we’ll link to when live.

23) It is not compulsory to purchase something from the official store, if you have something similar at home then feel free to wear that instead.

24) But don’t be the only boob who turns up in everyday 2018 clobber and Nike trainers. You will regret it as everyone else will be in character and staring at you like the weirdo you are.

25) Food and drink will be served from a variety of vendors between 6pm – 10pm – more details to follow.

26) It’s card payments only throughout the event space. Contactless and chip & pin is available.

27) Blade Runner will finish by 11pm, but there will be opportunities to hang around and party longer at the after-show. HOPE YOU LIKE VANGELIS

28) Why the ‘Final Cut’? Because it’s the only version that has absolutely no studio interference and is therefore Ridley Scott’s preferred version. So no cheesy voiceover, unambiguous ending or footage stolen from The Shining, I’m afraid.

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